Friday, October 24, 2008


I was browsing my public emails (these are the emails that I get at the address I use for joining groups or signing up for things online. My personal emails go to a separate account) and came across an awesome offer on one of my Freecycle groups. What is Freecycle you ask? It is a national effort to reduce landfill waste by recycling items we no longer want that are still serviceable by offering them for free to others. Most cities or areas have a group in which people post offers and others pick them up. Visit to find out more.

Anyway, someone was offering a Precious Moments crib set. The email had come through the day before and I was sure someone had already claimed it but I shot off an email to her anyways. After all, I doubt I will get around to buying the material for, much less making, A's sunflower crib set like I want to until she outgrows the crib!! Besides, free is good. Lo and behold no one else had emailed her about it!! My mother is going to pick it up today on her way home from work and bring it to me at church on Sunday.

This prompted me to go through A's clothes and pull out the ones she has outgrown (I can't believe she is already outgrowing clothes!!) and offer them on Freecycle as well. Less than 1/2 an hour after I posted them I got 3 emails for them. I meet the woman who emailed first this afternoon to deliver them. She is giving them to her niece who will be a single mom blessed with a little girl that is due in March.

So not only will I get a crib set for free, but I get to feel great about helping out someone else with things I no longer need. It's amazing how God works to provide for his children!


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