Monday, January 26, 2009

Lazy Bones

Okay, confession time. I have accomplished very little this past month. I don't know where it went but here I am on the 26th of January (my 12 year anniversary with my wonderful husband) and I realized that I have not done my diet or exercise program, I skimped on my I Corinthians Challenge, I really haven't done much of anything. In my defense, I have had a sinus infection for the past two weeks. Still, I feel like it has been about 5 steps back and 0 steps forward.

I have started on some of the homemade Christmas gifts for the family this year. I started on my sons blue and green afghan he requested. I also began a pink and brown rasta style knit hat for one of my daughters. I have 3 eyeglass cases and 3 baby hats ready to donate to a group on Crochetville, just need to make 2 more of each and send them out. I also have 2 items done of the 24 I have committed to for God's Tiny Angels. It just seems that I haven't found or made the time to work on me. Let me be honest here, I didn't want to start working on me yet.

Seriously, who really wants to diet? I like eating brownie overload ice cream, I don't want to give up the occassional snickers bar and Dr. Pepper. At least I don't want to until I go to put on clothes and yet again realize I have to pull out the fat clothes that I had boxed up to give away. It wasn't so bad last time. Actually, after a few weeks I didn't really even think about what I had given up because I was so excited watching the numbers on the scale go down. I felt better, I looked better, I set a better example for my children. So what am I waiting for?

February will be a new beginning for me. DH should be back to work then, which means hours at home with just me and the baby. I can work in some exercise and crochet work, maybe even find a mommy group so I don't go stir crazy with all of the baby talk.

So what are you waiting on? Do you have a few pounds to lose? Do you read God's word every day? What do you need to work on? Why not start working on the new you with me? Let me know what your plans and goals are.


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