Friday, April 17, 2009

Freebie Friday

The children have been on Spring break this past week, which has made things a little hectic around here. That is why there was no Monday or Wednesday post. Today is the first time I have been on the computer this week! I have, however, written up a pattern for a cat toy for K to make as part of her Girl Scout Silver award that I will be sharing next week. I have also completed two hats for Christmas presents and will post pics next week as well as a link to the pattern for anyone interested. I plan to have a new Scripture Card for you on Monday and recipe for Wednesday. I am also working on a pattern for a dog toy as well that I will share when it is completed.
So that is the update, and here are the freebies!

Free sample of Airborne

Earth Day at Disney Stores
If you bring in 3 plastic bottles to any Disney store they will exchange them for a free gift on April 22 (Earth Day)! For more information visit

This one is really cool! A paint that transforms any surface into a dry erase board! For a free sample visit

If you have a little girl, Mattel is again trying to get her attention with a new line of Princess toys, Precious Places. To kick it off they are offering a free 12 minute DVD featuring the new Princess. To get your copy just visit

and finally, 2 free Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. You will need to confirm your email address and signing up for the freebie automatically signs you up for a newsletter so this is definately one of those times you will want to use your alternate email. Sign up by visiting

Be on the lookout for some Earth Day crafts and ideas next week as well! Have a great Friday!


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