Friday, April 24, 2009

Freebie Friday

Good morning to my small group of followers. I hope that each of you had a wonderful week and that you will have an even better weekend. The weather here in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia is starting to dry up and warm up. It is supposed to be in the 80's this weekend! Of course it will be hot instead of comfortable because I am taking H Girl Scout camping Saturday night! Still, no rain and that is definately a blessing. My first memory of Girl Scout camping was a week long camp in which girls set up their own tents and did their own cooking. It rained the entire week! Have you ever tried to build a campfire using damp wood in the pouring rain? Let me tell you it isn't easy, but it was a lot of fun. I don't remember if my mom (who was my leader) thought so at the time, but I do remember learning a LOT of rain songs that week. H won't be tent camping, we will be staying in the lodge at camp, and someone else is doing the cooking. If you ask me, it really isn't camping but it will be her first time staying overnight at camp so she is excited. It is a short camping excursion, 2 pm on Saturday to 9 am on Sunday. I will have just enough time to get to Sunday School. That is a good thing because I invited an AWANA missionary to come and talk to the church about starting a program. I really feel led to work with the children and to get something started for them on Wednesday night. I am hoping that we will get the volunteers we need to start AWANA in the fall, but if not I will find another program. I am looking into a few.
Monday I will be sharing a story from one of my followers that pertains to Monday's Scripture Card. She shared with me a verse that really was a blessing to her and I will be using it as the inspiration for the card and sharing her story with you. It really illustrates the peace and comfort that God can provide us.
So on to today's freebies

In honor of Earth Day, how about a sample of organic laundry detergent? The company claims it is all natural, environment friendly, and gets out tough stains.

The next freebie is kind of neat. It offers children's audio stories that you can download and burn to disk or sync with an mp3 player. That means less paper to print books, but no cute pictures either

Huggies is offering a free sample of their Pure and Natural diapers in size newborn or size 1

This next one requires you to join to access the freebie, but it is worth it! Join and you will have access to beautiful complete patterns free of charge.

Finally, Mother's Day is next month, and what better gift that pictures! is currently offering 400 free prints to new members. (I thought that was a lot of pictures until I realized how many pics I have floating around in my computer!)

Hope you have a great weekend!


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I'll keep you in my prayers that your group does well.

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