Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free Book

     "I am a fanatic about freedom.  And I' fanatical about coming at you hard in this book.  I'm tired of seeing people beaten down by the word's systems and by religion.  I'm sick of seeing people live safe, predictable lives while their God-given passions die.  I hate the assumption that getting close to God means more rules and restrictions.  No more.  God's offering real freedom.  Get yours."
      This is what is on the cover of the bright orange book that has been sitting beside my bed for the last week or so.  The title is Free Book and it is written by Brian Tome, a pastor of CrossRoads church.  Now, I had never heard of the church or Brian Tome before reading this, but let me say I am really impressed.  The over riding purpose of this book is to assist you in finding the freedom that Christ came to give us (Galatians 5:1).  Tome uses Biblical truths, an honesty that most have never heard, and real life examples to illustrate the path.
     I really looked forward to receiving this book in the mail.  I barely had the package open before I started reading it...and after the first two chapters I put it down.  I felt like Tome was giving a false view of freedom - God says you should be free so don't worry about consequences just do what you want to.  But I had agreed to read the whole book, so I picked it up and began chapter 3... and had a hard time putting it down after that.
     In chapter 3 Tome starts to get to the truth of the matter, to receive freedom, you have to submit.  To be free you have to give up things you may not want to give up, to be free you have to change and reality is that most of the time change isn't easy and you will probably not like it.  But he explains that it truly is freedom, and how that truly is freedom.  I found myself nodding my head in agreement frequently.  I was reading passages aloud to my husband, to my children, even to my pastor.  As a matter of fact I am passing the book on to him tomorrow and plan to read it in its entirety to my husband (who hates to read) and have K read it as well.
     Tome does a wonderful job of just talking to you.  He is real, he is honest.  He is so honest that he even shares with you his own mess ups.  Tome doesn't pull the "I am a pastor and have been a good boy my whole life" card and wave it in your face.  Instead he says "Yeah, I made some mistakes in my life just like you, maybe even worse than you, but let me tell you what happened".
     If you really want to find Biblical freedom, knowing that you probably will still have problems and issues in the future, that freedom doesn't mean perfection or an easy life, then read this book.  Curious about what I mean, read this book. 



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Sounds interesting! I'll have to pass this along to my cousin.

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