Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 16 - Snowflake Saturday

Yet another pattern from Sally V. George.  This time baby A was sleeping soundly and I was able to work on this one in relative quiet.  As a result, this one seems to have gone much quicker and easier.  I am slowly but surely building a pile of snowflakes that need starched and blocked.  That is my least favorite part of this.  I use glue (I know that in some circle this is a huge no no since over many years the glue can begin to yellow and flake.  I have used starch in the past with good results, I just don't have any on hand) and as a result my fingers get all sticky and icky and yuck!  Then i have to pin all of them in place on the board.  I am such a perfectionist that this alone can take quite a bit of time.  I pin, unpin, shift, repin, unpin, shift, repin over and over until I get it just right.  Some I sprinkle ultra fine glitter on, others I leave plain.  It turns into an all day thing.

Yep, talked myself out of it.  May block some of them next week.  In the mean time, here is this weeks pattern, Snowflake #4



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