Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 6 - Ten Days of Turkey

It's Saturday.  For me and my family that means a break from schedules and time to relax and enjoy each other and whatever the day throws at us.  For me it means I get to work on some projects and daddy can handle anything Princess A throws at us.  I tend to get alot done on my projects during the weekends! 

So today I decided to throw a bunch of knit and crochet projects at you to look at.  I hope they inspire you to pick up your hook or needles and get started on one.  I found LOTS that I want to try my hand at.  Especially since I have recently discovered that knitting isn't the terrible thing I had told myself it was when I was younger.
First the crochet projects:

This little guy is just adorable.  He can be found over at the BitterSweet blog or by clicking here

and I just couldn't pass this project up.  What a cute little guy on his candy corn wreath!  The pattern for this can be found at Donna's Crochet Design and by clicking here

and our final crochet example is indian corn.  I can just picture these hanging on a front door.  You can grab the pattern from Alicia Kachmar here

Which brings us to our knit projects and I have to start with my favorite, although I feel sorry for whoever has their picture taken wearing this when young.  I just know it will end up in a graduation slide show in years to come!
Seriously, this is just too cute!  It is called the Jive Turkey Baby Hat and can be found at Going Craft by clicking here

And this hat couldn't be passed up either!  You can get the pattern here

I can so see Princess A with one of these!  You can find this pattern over at Knitted Bliss by clicking here

I hope you found some inspiration.  Oh, and if anyone wants to knit up one of those little finger puppets for me I promise to love you forever for it!! LOL ; )

Until next time,



Amber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

All so cute! I agree with the turkey's very cute, but some kid will be extremely embarrased when he's older!

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