Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 7 - Ten Days of Turkey

Happy Sunday everyone.  I pray that you took some time today and spent it worshipping God.  Princess A LOVES going to church.  Not because of the preschool program because we attend a small church (average attendance is 50 people including kids!) and we only have one class for K-6 during the service so she is sitting with us.  She loves the songs and the prayer time.  Sunday and Wednesday when we tell her it is church day she starts singing "Let's go bye-bye, let's go bye-bye". 

Since this is the last Sunday before Thanksgiving, and since most of us with little girls like to dress them up for church (although ours is very casual and blue jeans can be spotted on any given Sunday in the congregation) I thought I would share a few cute ideas with you. 

These cuties are based upon directions from Vanessa over at Silly Eagle Books.  You can find her instructions by clicking here .  Mine are a bit modified.  Didn't have any ribbon but I did have some leftover fabric from my tabletop turkey decorations in this post that I thought would be cute but fabric tends to unravel and won't stand up to heavy usage without seaming it and that just wasn't on my agenda for the day.  Then I remembered having some liquid polymer clay.  So I cut some fabric, covered it in liquid polymer clay and baked according to the instructions.  When it was cool I cut it into strips.  The material is now ravel proof and feels kind of like thin pleather.  And just to give you an idea about how craft projects go in my house, I didn't have craft foam for the beak or wattle.  I did, however, have a package of Dollar Tree foam alphabet letters.  I sacrificed a few to create the beak and wattle.  Tried to do little feet also, but just couldn't do it with what I had.  They either ended up to small or to narrow.  Oh well, I think they turned out cute.  The big one is on an ouchless ponytail band for H and the little one is glued to a metal barrette for Princess A.  She has worn this once.  After we took it out she played with it and removed both eyes.  I glued them back on and the next day she brought me the eyes and the sightless bird and said, "I bwoke it again mommy".  Oh well, maybe I should listen to Daddy and just draw the eyes on!

This cutie is from Patty over at Life on the Ridge Side and you can find instructions for him here.  I didn't have the neat-o covered button thingy to make the head so I made one using a smaller yo-yo.  Gotta love the projects that let you use scraps to create beauty.  Of course if you don't have leftover turkey colored fabric pieces you can always raid your t-shirt drawer, or your hubby's dress shirts, or the clothes your kids have outgrown.

I loved this little cutie also.  You know, I may have to break down and buy some ribbon.  Nancy over at Nancy's Couture has shared her step by step instructions for creating this lovely with lots of pictures!  You can view it here. 

And while this may not work for church attire for some of you, it was to cute to not share.  This is another Nancy's Couture creation.  If you want to check it out click here.  And it isn't even a super frilly, girly shirt so it can even be worn by the little man in your life.  (My little man isn't so little anymore and won't let me put him in shirts like this!)

Jedda over at This Little Project created this version that I think would be adorable on an infant onsie.  You can get her instructions by clicking here.

I feel kind of bad not having any ideas for little boys attire.  Short of dressing like a pilgrim or an indian I don't have a clue?  Do you know of any cute boys wearable crafts out there?  I would love for you to share them with us!
Until next time,


vanessa @ silly eagle books said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love how the turkey hair bow turned out! How clever that you used the liquid polymer clay on the fabric!

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Again, so very cute! Some really good ideas! TFS!

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