Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Musings - Psalm 143:8

Still trying to get back in the habit of blogging.  I tend to get all of these ideas and in the business of the day I lose them.  I have an idea hit while preparing pancakes for breakfast and by the time I finish and can get to a pad and paper to record it... well I can't seem to remember what "it" is.  So I am beginning today's post with my pancake inspiration.

I don't know if you have ever seen the collections where someone takes close up shots of normal things that look like letters and puts them together to spell words such as these by Alphabet Photography

Well, as I stood there, flipping pancake after pancake I thought about taking pictures such as this myself.  I have wanted one that said family or possibly my last name to put in a little spot over the door to my bedroom (which is visible from the front door of my house).  I figure if I take the time to actually be observant I should be able to come up with pictures of the letters.  Then I started thinking about getting them printed as a wide but short photo (8 X 24) and thought that might be a bit cost prohibitive.  (Have I mentioned that I am a cheapskate?)  Then I remembered seeing some 1X4 pieces of lumber during my most recent trip to Home Depot that wasn't very expensive. 

So here is my idea...take the pictures.  Print them out as 4X4 photo's (each letter is a seperate photo).  Cut a 1X4 into squares.  Sand each block and either stain or paint it.  Modge Podge the photos to the blocks.  Then I can set them on the ledge above my door.  If they don't want to stay I can use some of the sticky back velcro dots to help them stay up.  If I had one of those fancy Cricut machines and some vinyl I would try that but did I mention that I am a cheapskate?  Way out of my current price range.  If you decide to give my idea a go before I do I would love for you to show me your finished project, just add a pic to my Flickr group!

When breakfast was done and H&J were safely dropped off to school I sat down to read my morning devotion from Proverbs31 Ministry and a verse jumped out at me.  It was a reminder for me about how important it is to start my day with God so that I can follow Him rather than expecting Him to follow along with me.  So, bringing back the Monday scripture cards, here is this weeks card.

I pray that you week is blessed with an uplifted soul!


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