Monday, January 24, 2011

Some pics of recent projects

Finally getting around to taking pictures of some recently completed projects and thought I would share with you.  Below each picture is a link to the pattern I used in case you want to give it a go.

The Magic Loop, One piece Barbie dress

The Lyon Hat

Baby Tree of Life Throw
You will need to log in to the Lion Brand website to see this pattern, but once you create a free account you get access to TONS of free patterns for both knit and crochet

Tangled headband
I did not work mine as a tied headband as the pattern calls for. Rather, when it got to the correct length for my head I joined the beginning row with the end row as I bound off

Butterfly Hat
I only worked 3 rounds of the butterfly pattern before beginning the decreases and it fit H perfectly!

Do you like the last two?  The snowflakes?  I am planning to revisit the Snowflake Saturday posts and the above are two of my original snowflake patterns.  I hope for them to be available this week so keep an eye out for them!

Until next time,


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