Saturday, February 12, 2011

snowflake Saturday - February 12

I almost forgot to design and post a snowflake this week.
"Big surprise," you say after looking around the blog lately and noticing that I haven't been posting much at all.
"Don't judge!  I have kids I have to take care of and and house to clean and a huge list of stuff to do! (pauses) and I have been neglecting you, dear readers.  (hangs head) so sorry.  Can you forgive me?"  This is where you say it will all be okay and tell me knot to worry about it.

Okay, not that that is out of the way.  Here is this weeks pattern.

Size 10 crochet cotton (bedspread weight)
 size 7 (1.65 mm) hook

ch 6, join to form a circle

ch 5, dc in circle, *2dc, ch 2,   repeat from * 4 times  work 1 dc and then join to 3rd dc of first chain.  (6 ch 2 spaces and 12 dc)

sl st into first ch 2 space,( ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) all in the same ch 2 space.  in remaining ch 2 spaces work (3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) join to top of the ch 3 and fasten off.

stiffen the snowflake using your preferred method.Until next time,


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