Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Try it Tuesday - handprint tree

Okay, so I know I posted on Facebook that I had a new pattern coming for you this week but there was a minor mishap and that may be postponed. I had it all worked up but the top/closing section and had set it down in my usual project storage space (read on the floor between my chair and Mr. Sunflowers chair). Then it happened.....

Mr. Sunflower and Princess A were having a tickle fight in his chair. Princess A had her trusty blanky with her and it went flying through the air onto our side table where my ever present iced tea was minding its own business. The blanket picked a fight with the tea and the tea dove off the table to escape the attack. Unfortunately at the bottom of the dive was the entire skein of white yarn and poor Tommy Tooth in his final stages of birthing!

The yarn was successfully rescued with no ill effects, however it is currently recovering (meaning it was rinsed thoroughly and all the tea was removed with no signs of staining but it is still wet and airing out.) Tommy however, was not so lucky and at 7:59 pm he gave up his life due to injuries beyond this persons capability to repair.

The good news is that he had a brother. His brother is a bit shy but he will hopefully make an appearance by the end of the week. In the mean time I wanted to give you some inspiration.

I come across so MANY wonderful ideas while browsing the internet and my bookmark list is full of projects I want to make. I decided it was time to start moving them from my want to list to my the have made list and to bring you along on the journey. This week I made a project that was featured on At Second Street here.

I was really excited about this one and when I saw it I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get some burlap. I just knew I had brown and green material at home in my stash and I already had an 8X10 canvas I picked up at Big Lots. I got home, kidnapped Mr. Sunflowers staple gun and stapled the burlap to the canvas. Then I taught Princess A how to trace her hand, which let me tell you she thought that was the neatest thing ever! I think I ended up with about 50 hand tracings before she finally became disinterested and wandered off to play with some homemade playdough and her cookie cutters.

Then I raided my material stash, found what was left of my brown material from some turkey table decorations I made here. And a few years back I made a wall hanging using some green fat quarters and I was sure that I had some material left. Problem was that my yarn stash didn't yield any leaving me greenless! Booo! So I headed to the closest store that might be useful. You know, the one with a big yellow smiley face as their logo. Now mine doesn't carry fabric so this was going to be interesting. I did find two bandanas, one entirely green and the other was blue on one end fading to green then yellow on the other. These became my leaves.

And here is the final project:

Until next time,


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