Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Blooms - Day 28

Good morning readers.  Since it is our last day in the kitchen I thought we might try a new idea.  It is called "wiggle crochet".  Never heard of it?  Me neither!  I had to check it out.  Here is what we are going to be making:
Pretty cool huh?  Here is the same project only this one is not quite done:
So what do you think?  Basically you create a mesh canvas.  Then you start to add your curvy design by working double crochets around the mesh canvas according to the design.  Interesting concept.  This particular pattern uses size 10 cotton thread, but Ravelry members report that the hotpad size (6 inches) is really small using that size thread but is WAY to big if you use WW cotton.  It was suggested you use a size 3 mercerized cotton instead if you want to create the hotpad.  It was also reported that for this particular project you will probably want to follow the chart on the computer rather than printing it out.  When it prints it is really light and hard to read compared to the view on the computer.  Interested in trying a new technique with me.  You can get the  May Flowers Hot Pad and Coaster pattern from Coats by clicking here.

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