Monday, March 16, 2015

40 in 40 2015 week 4

Short and sweet this week, as I seem to be coming down with some sort of bug.  So, on with the show!

This is the Owlie, a sweet owl hat worked in WW yarn, making it a quick project. I only did about 1.5 inches for the rolled brim rather than the 3 inches the designer called for.  I felt that was a bit much.  The decrease section seems to be written incorrectly at the start. I placed a marker every 10 stitches and began every round of decreases with a ssk, knit to within 2 stitches of marker, k2tog, slip marker. Repeat around.  This put the decreases between the owls. I also chose to do about 2 inches of i-cord at the top and knot it.  If you chose to you could add some little buttons on each owl for eyes, but I didn't feel like it was necessary.

Next up was the Sedge Stitch Hat designed by Sarah's Sweethearts-one of my favorite designers.  (Remember the Princess Crown?   Same designer!)  I have used this stitch on many blankets and it is quick to work up and the perfect pattern to do while watching your favorite T.V. show as it is very repetitive.  Never occurred to me to work it in a hat.  This stitch lends itself well to any yarn, although I chose to use simply soft for this hat.  Sarah's instructions allow you to adapt it to any size as well.

This is Poppy, a pattern I have wanted to try for years but I was afraid of the short rows involved.  After spending some time researching the technique I gave it a go, and am pleased with the result.  The pattern is available in sizes newborn to 4+, and is one of the more popular hat patterns on Ravelry with almost 3,000 projects.

The Crochet Newsboy Cap is a quick project that would be cute on a girl or a boy.  The designer includes the pattern for an optional band and flower as well.

This pattern was an excellent reminder to me of the importance of doing a gauge swatch.  The Slipped Cable Hat  calls for sports weight yarn.  I chose to use Bernat Baby Sport in Funny Prints, only this sport yarn is more of a DK weight.  I didn't do the gauge swatch and ended up with a hat more for a 6-9 month than the 0-3 month size I was going for!  Love the pattern though.  I was a bit hesitant at first because there is no cable needle used in the pattern.  The cross overs are worked by actually dropping live stitches and picking them back up in the crossed position.  I am always afraid my work with unravel, but the designer solved this problem in the way she does it.

And the final hat for the week is my own Spirals pattern.

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Heather Wells said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my goodness!!! Thanks you for showing all the finished hats :) I designed the one where you dropped the live stitches. :) I am so honored you included it in your blog :)
Thank you much!
Heather Wells

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