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Pumpkin Cheesecake - Wecipe Wednesday

I type this while looking out the window at our first snow of the year.  It is a beautiful site.  Wanna see?

When Princess A woke up this morning I took her outside.  Her first words?  "What is that mommy?"  I love seeing things for the first time through her eyes.  We touched.  "It's cold mommy.  Is it rain?"  "No, baby not rain."  Daddy put some on his finger and tried to get her to taste it.  She made daddy taste it first.  Again she declared it as cold.  "Do you think it is pretty?," I asked.  "Yes, mommy, pretty!" We went inside and she watched through the window for quite a while watching the big soft flakes fall.  Although not officially winter, in my book winter has arrived!

Today I want to share a recipe with you that we tried for the first time on Thanksgiving this year.  It was also my first ever "real" cheesecake.  I had done the whipped ones before but never one that required baking.  The recipe comes from a …

Crayon Keeper

Finally!!  A new pattern to share with you.  This one works up really quick (one tester finished the entire project in less than half an hour!) and is a great project for scrap yarn.  The instructions have LOTS of pictures so that even a novice crocheter should be able to complete this as long as they have a basic understanding of the different crochet stitches.  So without further is the Crayon Keeper!

download now You can download the pattern for free by clicking here or the button above.  Let me know what you think of it.  This pattern has been tested, but if you find any problems with it please let me know!

Until next time,

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

a birthday!  Today is H's 11th birthday!  I would do one of those photo montage things with pictures of her as a baby and through the years until now but to be honest, I am just not feeling it as I type this.  My little princess requested egg rolls and chicken alfredo for dinner and I also decided to get kind of fancy with her cake so I have been in the kitchen for quite a while.  That is with a sick 2 year old and a morning at church.  Not to mention that I was trying to hide the fancy addition to her cake from her.  (Look for pictures tomorrow because I am so not hooking up the camera to the computer right now!)  So right now I am tired, praying that Princess A will sleep through the night so that we can all rest before having to get up early to prepare for school after 9 days off. 

I did, however, remember to also put together a little something for todays musing and scripture card.  Starting to feel a little Christmas-y with the tree up already and even some wrapped presents …