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Showing posts from November 13, 2011

I.A.K. week 3

To be honest, being intentionally kind has really changed my perspective on some things.  Not that I wasn't a kind person before this challenge, but that when you intentionally look for ways to be kind you become more aware of the people around you.  Rather than averting your eyes when you see the man dressed in dirty clothes holding a cardboard sign you check your purse to see if you have any cash to pass through the window and if not you whisper a prayer for God to watch over him and keep him safe.  Instead of taking for granted the cashier ringing up your purchase, you intentionally converse with him or her.  A lot of times it is the little things.  This week I am focusing on the little things.

So with no particular days assigned, here are the things I intend to do this week:

Return my shopping cart to the cart coral or, even better, the store.  While this won't ensure the employee doesn't have to come out and collect carts, at least they don't have to collect mine…