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Showing posts from September 22, 2013

Tawashi Time

I'll be honest.  I had NO idea what a Tawashi was.  Never heard of them until I stumbled upon them on Ravelry on day.  My first thought was, "These would be great to put in OCC shoeboxes and to use up scrap yarn!"  So I whipped up a few to see if they actually looked nice and worked well.

My 5 year old princess stole claimed the first one as her own and has actually replaced her poof with it.  She loves it!  So, one point to appeal.  We have used it with both body wash and regular soap and discovered that it cleans even the dirtiest 5 year old with ease.  Another point.  And after a few weeks of use it still looks like new.  Home run!

So, what is a tawashi?  Tawashi literally means bundle.  In Japan they are used to scrub off dirt and the word is synonymous with sponge.  They can be used to replace a bath poof or to clean dishes with or whatever else you might use a sponge for.  The crochet version works up super quick (I made each one in less than an hour) and they don&…