Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Okay, so I am a huge chicken! I didn't venture out to fight the crowds hoping to get "the deal" on anything this year. In all honesty, I have only braved a Black Friday sale once in my entire life and that was because my son, J, HAD to have a nintendo Gameboy SP for Christmas and they were on sale for $50 at a time when they were generally $99 or more new. I had been expecting the pushing, shoving, rudeness that I see on TV every year. However, most of the shoppers I encountered were really wonderful. When I couldn't get to a doll my daughter wanted someone next to them asked what style I needed, grabbed it and threw it to me. That year I saw more acts of kindness than rudeness and it renewed my belief that deep down the human race isn't as selfish as the 6 o'clock news tries to protray us.
All that being said, I still didn't venture out. I value my sleep to much! Especially last night since baby A decided that dark meant cry time. She recently started on baby foods, oatmeal first. Typically I mix it with breast milk but some days I don't pump and don't want to take the time to raid the freezer and thaw some out so I take the lazy road. I grab that sample can of powdered formula and mix up about 2 ounces to mix with the oatmeal. Hubby and I think that this may be what kept her up crying last night. We don't think her little belly likes the formula, so for the next several days we will use "boob juice" only with the oatmeal and try to feed it to her for lunch instead of dinner so if it is the oatmeal and not the formula she will let us know before it is everyones bed time and not keep us up all night. It sure is hard being a baby and not being able to say "hey!! My belly hurts don't give me that stupid formula again!!"
And even if she had slept, I wouldn't have ventured out this morning. Money is especially tight this Christmas, as I am sure it is for many families. I am trying to make most of the gifts I am giving this year. H has begun to get interested in baby dolls again since baby A has come along so I have searched the web for preemie size baby clothes patterns and am making several for her to use with her 15 in doll. For J, the little man, I found a pattern for a crochet Pikachu and have assembled him. He is just waiting for me to embroider his little face and get wrapped. K, the 13 year old, is the hardest this year. She is at the age that it is difficult to make things for her. I hope to make her a scarf with the WVU emblem on it as she has decided that she is a football fan this year. I am a new knitter so I am not to sure how that will end up. Hubby and I have agreed to not exchange gifts with each other, unless it comes from the dollar store.
So today, I am packing up the fall decorations and pulling out the Christmas ones. I am working on making a few decorations also, I will post them as they are finished, along with instructions for the ones that are mine or links to ones that aren't. Better get back to it before baby A wakes up and all decorating is put on hold while I tend to her. If you ventured out to the sales, I hope you were blessed with a good experience and were able to find what you wanted! Until next time, may God bless you and your family.


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