Affiliate Link Policy

 Affiliate Link Policy
Learn more about what affiliate links are and why I use them below.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are links to websites that pay a commission to me when you buy a product or service that they offer through their website.

Why do you use affiliate links?

I use affiliate links to help offset the cost of maintaining a website.  This includes my time.

Do I pay more for products or services that I buy through your affiliate links?

No. The products or services I link to remain the same price regardless of whether or not you use our affiliate links.

Do you recommend products or services that you would never use?

No, I would never recommend a product or service that I wouldn’t use myself.

How will I know when an article contains affiliate links?

I will always disclose the use of affiliate links in articles that contain them at the bottom of each post beginning June 18, 2012.  Posts before this date may or may not include affiliate links.

Note About Affiliate Links

I have a very open policy on affiliate links which is why I disclose the use of them at the bottom of each post that contains the links. The only instance where I may not always list affiliate links being in an article is if it’s a link to
The reason for this is that some plug ins automatically includes my Amazon affiliate link on any link to Just like the affiliate links above, products and services on do not cost you anything more by using our affiliate links.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me and I will respond as soon as possible.


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