Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Viewing Veteran's Day

Hope everyone took a few moments yesterday to thank a veteran for their service to our country. I spent the first 12 years of my life as a military "brat". Dad retired from the Navy after serving of fast attack nuclear submarines. Military life ended up costing him his family as he and my mother were unable to reconcile him being out to sea 6 months or more a year and being married. Many men and women have made personal sacrifices so that we can enjoy the benefits and freedoms that this country offers us. If you didn't thank a military person or vet yesterday, take a moment to do so today!

In honor of our countries military I have created this plastic canvas corner bookmark.

You will need:
small amount of red, white, and blue yarns
standard piece of plastic canvas
yarn needle

Follow the graph that can be found by clicking here The black dots indicate french knots to be done in white. Place wrong sides together and whip stitch along left and top sides leaving remaining sides open to slide over the page. Using the corresponding color, whip stitch around the exposed ends that were not stitched together to give it a finished look. See picture above.

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