Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine Bookmark

Nothing much new here. My wonderful husband started his new job yesterday. Boy was that a huge adjustment for all of us. Baby A cried all day, not sure I can entirely blame that on daddy being gone as she is teething also, but it sure made it a LONG day for everyone. H came home and informed me she needed valentine's to hand out at church this weekend. I suppose I could have gone down to the dollar store and bought some, but she wanted to do her own. Anyway, I played around and came up with these for her to color, cut out and embellish to her hearts content. I doubt J will like them as much, probably to girly for him. Will have to work on a more boyish set for him. Anyway, thought I would share with everyone. The print out 5 to a sheet and I printed mine on cardstock for some weight. Please click here to access the file for printing. Enjoy!


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