Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day, a day to (as Wikipedia puts it) "inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment". While many will be focused on saving the Earth, reducing our impact on the Earth, and going green, my family will be discussing the creator that brought about the Earth we are supposed to be aware of and appreciate by speaking it into existence. That still amazes me, that God spoke the Earth and all that is in it and on it into existence, everything except man. Man was a personal project that he formed and breathed life into. (Doesn't that make you get all warm and tingly?!) We will be talking about our responsibility to what God has created. He gave us everything that has the breath of life to rule over. (Genesis 1:28)
To me that means we need to be responsible for ensuring that those things are taken care of. We need to do what we can to lessen our impact on their environments. Not out of some moral obligation to the Earth, but because God put us in charge of it. So if you and your families choose to do some Earth Day activities, please remember to stress that we protect the Earth and the creatures on it because God told us to, and that none of it would be here if not for him. That being said, here are a few things you might want to do with your children.

Recycling Project
Egg heads We used permanent markers to make the faces and instead of grass we used flower seeds this year that we picked up for 20 cents a pack. The shell is a natural source of nutrients, use the paper carton as a place to hold the egghead. You have recycled paper, composted the shell, and are now growing something green. With the flowers we plan to break off the bottom of the shell and plant it when it grows bigger so the flowers can grow. With grass seed the kids can give it hair cuts if they want as it grows. Here is a pic of H's egg head. Sad to say, but I broke mine right after it sprouted!

Paint Pot Pals These we haven't made, but they are now on my to do list. I have tons of those strips of paint in the art supplies area of my house. I never thought to use them when they dried up or were emptied. I can see these as a Girl Scout S.W.A.P., a classroom craft, a birthday party craft, a teacher gift (the flower one) and a gift for the kids to give to friends or family. One less thing in the landfill and one more cute thing in circulation!

Gift Boxes from Cards We do this frequently. The boxes are small, often just the right size for a ring, gift card, homemade jewelry, or maybe one of those paint pot pals! hmmm

Litter Bugs This is a cutie when it is done. You can even make it more of a recycle project if you use the yarn from a sweater you have outgrown or that has holes in it. Just frog it (Rip It Rip It Rip It) and then cut it into the correct size strands.

Things you can do everyday to help

Start a compost pile. Not into having a big pile of rotting vegetation in your yard? Go small. Did you know that if you tuck some banana peels into your potted plants they will love it?! And then you don't waste space in the landfills.

If your trash service also has a recycling service then use it. It just takes a few seconds to look at what you are throwing away and put it into a separate can, but it really makes a difference.

If it doesn't belong there, pick it up. This was brought home to me when I was watching a Kent Hovind seminar. He had left some trash on the ground intentionally outside of his seminar. He watched to see who took the time to bend over, pick it up and place it in the trash can that was nearby. Most people did not, as a result they lost out on the paper money he had taped to the back of the trash as a reward. Seems we always seem to think someone else will get it. Why not be the someone else? You reduce the litter problem and burn a few extra calories.

Plant something. Plants produce oxygen and recycle carbon dioxide. Just 5 houseplants in a room make the air cleaner. With all of the varieties available today it isn't to hard to find something that won't die if you touch it. I don't know about you, but seeing them in a room sure brightens my day.

My last thought, spay or neuter you pet. I know it isn't free, but if you don't plan to breed them you can prevent future generations of animals ending up in a shelter and possibly being put to sleep through this simple procedure. Often communities have low cost or free clinics for lower income families.

Earth Day is tomorrow, first remember who gave us the Earth and take a moment to appreciate all of the wonderful things He spoke into existence. Second, reflect of the responsibility He gave us. Finally, do something to take care of the planet. Have a wonderful day!


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