Thursday, June 25, 2009

Five Freebies Friday

It is the last day of the first week of Summer Academy for H and J. They seem to really be enjoying their classes. H is excited about some of the bead projects and comes home talking about Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea. J is loving having two pottery classes this year. He brought clay home last night to create a shark. He had to tell me all about how there could be no air bubbles in the clay or the piece will explode in the kiln and that there had to be a hollow in the center of the piece so that the moisture of the piece didn't cause it to explode either so there had to be a hole in the item so that as the air heats in the hollow part it can escape outside and not explode. It is great seeing things again through a child's eyes. I forgot about how much fun I had making necklaces out of macaroni or shapes out of clay.

I have also walked three days this week while they were in school. Not real strenuous walking, but exercise none the less. We are working up to the more difficult stuff. It is great being able to walk and talk with another adult again. I really missed the daily walks with my husband when he was out of work.

That brings us to this weeks freebies. I have been kind of lax about my posts recently, and I am trying to do better about getting them out on time. Hope that you enjoy some of these freebies!

Nourish hair products by Aveeno - I have never used this line, but you get to choose which of the shampoo/conditioner combos you would like to try

Pet Alert Window Cling - ADT is giving away a window cling so that you can let rescuers know about pets that need rescued should something happen, such as a fire

Quart of Glidden paint - You choose the color and they will mix it and send it to you in 3-4 weeks. I got a plain jane white to use for craft projects

Free Arby's sandwich - This Wednesday, if you purchase a soft drink you can get a regular beef and cheddar sandwich free, no coupon required. You can join their club to get more info and freebies

Sun Crystals - a new sugar substitute that is natural. Never tried it myself

Have a great weekend!


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