Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Musings

It's Monday and I got to sleep in! Welcome summer! I love the beginning of summer break. The kids are still excited about having time off and have not yet started constantly repeating "I'm bored!". I get a chance to catch up on things because I feel revitalized with sleep.

My first projects are going to be the patterns I bought to make baby A some clothes. I bought material for them when I purchased the patterns and if I don't make them soon they won't fit her. To be honest, I actually have one pattern and material that I bought for H when she was little and never got around to making for her! Now it is going to be baby A's dress.

In addition I need to mud the half wall that my wonderful husband built to replace the wooden spindles that were all that separated baby A from falling from the living room into the entryway. (We have a mid-entry home). He builds, I finish. However I didn't think about how difficult it would be to mud with a baby in the house. I tried to work on it one day while the other kids were in school. I waited for baby A to nap and began to tape seams and mud the joints and screw holes. When baby A woke the first thing she did was wander over to the fresh mud, run her fingers through it and then try to eat it! Maybe the other children can run interferance so that I can get it done. I would like to finish mudding and painting the wall before we replace the carpet with laminate.

I also hope to get to spend some time outside this summer. I tend to get so sidetracked trying to get things done that I forget to take time and enjoy the beauty that God creates in spring and summer firsthand. Last summer I was VERY pregnant and the heat was awful. But this summer I hope to take the kids to the park at least once a week. Not sure how that will work with baby A, but that is the plan.

Finally, today's scripture card.

As always, please click the picture to download a better resolution for printing
I thought this verse was apropriate as I feel very peaceful today, and I know that it is a gift from God. Hope everyone finds that peace as well and is able to carry it with them throughout the week!


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