Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, no musings

Good morning all. Just wanted to stop and let you know that I have no musings or scripture card to post today. My laptop has finally given up it's battle with Baby A. Ever since she began to pull up and walk she would come over and pull the power cord out of the laptop, whether it was in my lap or put up. As a result the internal mechanism has become loose and you had to wiggle jiggle the cord to get a connection so that it would charge. It has given up it's battle and surrendered to my 11 month old.

Fortunately, a great guy at church has volunteered to take my battered trusty friend and attempt to put it back together again. Hopefully this story ends better than Humpty Dumpty did. The down side is that currently I am stuck using the dinosaur computer that is slow as molasses. I dare not try to put together a scripture card for fear that it will take up to much operating memory and freeze the system. That would mean the hours of work creating the card would be lost and I am just not patient enough to face that. So, no scripture card this week.

I hope to get my laptop back on Wednesday so I can update the church website and get freebies up for Friday. I do have a possible recipe for Wednesday. Trying to decide between the healthy one or the junk food one. What do you think?

Have a great week!


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My lap top was less than 3 months old when it broke. Someone pushed it under the chair and when I sat down I hear a big crunch. It cracked the screen something terrible. Everything else works, you just can't see what you are doing. I have been looking for a cheap screen for 3 years now! Which, now means it's outdated. Oh, well!! Hope you have better luck with your man from church!

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