Friday, September 25, 2009

Five Freebies Friday

Where has this past week gone?!? It feels like Tuesday but the calendar reads Friday. Not a lot got accomplished this week. I wrote up a new pattern. It is currently being tested. I think I am going to submit this one to the Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar. Here is a sneak peak of the finished product-

I modeled it after some fabric pumpkins that I had made last year from fabric. Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE Fall?

Baby A had two more molars pop through this week. Poor girl always seems to teeth two at a time. She did pretty well with it this time. Although she is going through the homemade teething biscuits a lot faster now that she has more teeth and has learned to really bite them! Fortunately they are not nearly as messy as the store bought biscuits were. My father-in-law is still trying to talk me into letting her teeth on chicken bones...ewww!

Made my first ever batch of jelly. It is called Appalachian Jelly and it actually set! Was going to make a batch of kiwi jelly when a friend gave me a bunch of kiwi. Didn't realize I would need 4 1/2 cups of mashed kiwi to make it though. Oh well, H will be taking kiwi for snack and baby A and I like it also.

J is running for student council at school. I am really proud of him for that because just a few years ago he never would have thought about participating in something like that. He has really come a long way and is starting to grow up on me.

K has a new old boyfriend. They started dating recently, but they had dated last year also. Sometimes I am glad they aren't really serious relationships, and others I pray that she finds the man that God has set aside for her. I am just not really ready for my babies to grow up yet!

So that is the update, and here are this weeks freebies. They are kind of a mishmash of items with no real theme to it this week. Hope you find one you can use!

DentaBurst disposable one time use toothbrush - traveling? Leave the good toothbrush at home!

Not up for brushing? How about some free Flix? Use these to pick those annoying bits of leftovers from your teeth.

Burt's Bees natural acne treatment. I love their chapsticks, hopefully this will be great also!

Bandages from Nexcare you get two that say "give" which is supposed to encourage others to give blood. Go figure!

Neru Patch is supposed to provide comfort for foot and leg pain. It is one of those put it on your foot at night and it will draw out toxins type of things. I am to cheap to pay for one, but free I will try!



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