Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Freebies Friday

I spent yesterday feeling awful. I had some sort of 24 hour bug that gave me a tremendous headache, upset stomach and I was exhausted. Baby A was so concerned that she wouldn't leave my side as I laid on the couch. It really was cute how she would go and get her favorite toys and bring them to me and then she would sit on the floor beside the couch to play. It never ceases to amaze me just how much little ones understand and how compassionate and loving they innately are. Fortunately hubby was home and able to tend to me until the kids went to bed. I also want to say thank you to a good friend who went out of her way to bring soup, sandwiches and fruit over. (Hubby wants you to make the roast for the next church dinner, and I think he would have eaten all of the soup himself if I had let him!) I frequently thank God for leading us to our current church where we have made so many new good friends! This church feels so much like family.

I did manage to complete two more blocks for J's pillowghan. I am using a pattern called Waldo's Puzzle in two different shades of blue and a dark green. J picked out the colors. It is for our handmade Christmas. That puts me up to 4 blocks completed and 20 to go. After you get the center circles worked it goes really quickly, but the last circle is kind of tricky. I disassembled the final circle of 1 block about 7 times before I finally got it right. Hubby saw the completed blocks and now he wants one because it is "different" and "unique". That won't happen by Christmas. Besides, he got a snowflake afghan for Christmas last year.

I plan to complete another block today, finish up the crochet squirrel to go with a book as a gift, and hopefully design a headband pattern for the girls. I have it pictured, just have to work it up and write down the pattern. I have also added several items to my "to do" list. I get on Ravelry and Crochetville and find so many adorable things that I want to make! On Ravelry I am SunflowersatHome and on Crochetville I am mom-of-4.

If you hadn't noticed, I put a few items in my new Etsy shop. You can view it on the right. I don't know if completed items or patterns will sell better, or if either will even sell, but I hope to sell a few things. One of my items is the completed version of my mini ami pumpkin which is currently available as a free pattern here and is being considered for inclusion in the Pattern a Day 2011 calendar. If they accept it I will remove the pattern from the website. The other item is my hand sanitizer clippies. I have sold one locally this past week.

That brings me to this weeks freebies. Pickings are getting slim, I wonder if that is because we are getting closer to Christmas? Hope not!

Free Kashi Granola Bar This link takes you to a banner you have to click to then go to the site to get the freebie. Still, I love granola bars!

Build and Grow Clinic at Lowes tomorrow is a Frankenstring Magic string kit. Looks kind of neat so I may drag the kids out to this one. I know they would enjoy it! Just be sure to visit the site and register. Also, this is limited to the first 50 children per store. They will get the kit, a pair of goggles, and an apron.

Free KFC grilled chicken on Monday the 26th. No coupon necessary, just walk in and ask for it. You can read about it here I doubt I will do this one after the last freebie they had and then did not honor many of the coupons. Still, if you like the grilled chicken and are out for lunch anyway it might be worth stopping in.

Free $15 Gift Certificate code for Kodak Gallery I already got mine by email and plan to use it to create a photobook as a Christmas gift. The $15 won't cover shipping for items but you can still get a lot of stuff on the site for less than $15.

Finally, Picture People is offering a free sheet of Halloween wallet prints as well as a coupon for a free 8 X10 or 10X13 portrait and 20% off additional sheets purchased. They don't even charge a sitting fee!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Talk to you Monday.



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