Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Counting down the days...

Do you realize there are only 58 days until Christmas!?! That really isn't a lot of time if you are doing a handmade Christmas! It also doesn't help when I keep running across adorable patterns that I want to make! This months issue of Talking Crochet has a free pattern from Crochet! magazine for the most adorable Christmas ornaments. (I know that is adorable twice in the same paragraph, but they really are!) You can get the pattern here. It includes a reindeer, snowman, gingy, and elf.

I have 4 blocks done on J's pillowgan, only 20 to go. Each of the kids has a hat made up. Still haven't made the pattern for the girls headbands. I also want to make the girls some necklaces and maybe earrings from some beads I have. J is difficult as I really don't know what to make for an 11 year old boy. Any ideas out there?



Amber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sorry that I haven't been by lately! It's hard to beleive that there is so few days left until Christmas! I am making most of the gifts again this year. I plan on starting this weekend. As for a gift for an 11 year old boy, I am at a loss. I only have 2 boys to worry about. One is 8 months old and is getting a quilt from his favorite aunt(his only aunt LOL!)and the other boy is Jaiden's friend and he is 7. I am making him a snuggie at his mom's request. What is it with kids and infromercials?? All of the kids this year close to me are getting one. All of the moms said their kids go crazy when they see the snuggie on TV!

Maybe you could make him some new pillow cases with boy stuff on them? My girls love it when I make them new ones!

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