Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reality Check!

Have you ever had one of those moments when reality smacks you in the face? I mean REALLY hard? I had one of those moments recently. You see, I know I am overweight. I see the numbers on the scale when I bravely step on it occasionally. I know I still can't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes more than a year after baby A entered into the world. I know I am fat, but I didn't think that I was a fat as I apparently am.

That probably won't makes sense to those of you who are skinny, or average even. You see, I (and many others who have extra pounds) tend to avoid mirrors. Sure, I look in one when I brush my teeth, or fix my hair etc. I have 2 large mirrors in my house. One in my bedroom and one in my girls bedroom. I walk past at least one of them daily. I just find a reason to look the other way. I have a mental picture of what I look like in my head, and I discovered it isn't even close to reality!

This year we took the kids trick or treating with our new neighbors/friends. Like all good parents we had the kids pose in the front yard for pictures. Apparently she caught me in the background of one of them. Like a lot of people, we are both on Facebook. I posted the pics of my angels and she posted the pics of hers. That is when reality smacked me in the face. I logged on to Facebook and saw this: (of course in the original the faces of her kids are not smudged, but I don't want to take liberties)

an adorable Dorothy and Ninja. But what is that in the background? It looks like the Beige Blob! Here take a closer look:

This is NOT how I view myself. Now I know, I am more than what I look like. Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. I know all of those things in my head. But my heart wants to be the less fat woman that I picture myself as.

Of course, I would come to this realization as the holidays approach, the food, the desserts, the candy, the chocolate, the 20 lbs of Halloween candy stashed. Before this picture I had said that I would start exercising and watching what I eat January 1st. I didn't want to give up the "good" stuff. Reality is that I need to start practicing moderation again and what better time than now? If I can master it during the holidays, the rest of the year should be a breeze.

So, I am going back to Sparkpeople on Monday, November 9th. I am asking that everyone who is interested in losing a few pounds join me. You may only need to lose 5 lbs, or 50. Either way Sparkpeople allows you to customize your food, your exercise, your available time and your goals to reach the weight you want to be. It is FREE. You do need to be committed. If you would like to join me, please click the button below and become one of my Spark friends.

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Amber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Okay, I have to be honest, when you were writing about yourself I got a visual in my mind and when I saw the picture, I was like "where is she?" I would have never found you if you hadn't of blown it up. It's amazing on how we see ourselves and how hard we are on ourselves!

I know excatly what you are saying about avoiding the mirrors! I am about 50, okay I'll be honest 70 pounds over weight. I don't feel that much over weight though! I still have my weight from Ayra from over 2 years ago! I still wear maternity pants because I refuse to buy pants the actual size I need them.

I really need to lose the weight, but I have a love for food! I love everything there is about food! Food has always been an important part in the life of my family. We would always gather for huge meals with an emphasis on food. Mu hubby has gained over 60 pounds just since we've been together because of the role food plays in my family!

Maybe I'll make it a goal to lose 10 pounds by the first of the year! Thanks for the inspiration!

Ginny said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Maternity pants! LOL I had to break down and buy 1 pair of jeans, otherwise I was doomed to sweatpants!

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