Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Okay, so at this point I am really kicking myself in the hiney for not having started the homemade Christmas gifts earlier in the year, like ummm January! I seem to end up spending more time online looking for ideas than I do actually crafting which means I don't get a lot done. Still, I am finding some really great ideas so I thought I would share them with you guys since I really don't have any finished projects since my last post.

First, I found a few books as my local Dollar Tree store that featured animals as the main characters. One is a squirrel, one is a puppy and one is a fish. So I figured I would make a stuffie to go with each one and give one to baby A, and the other two go to my neighbor's little girls. (Shh! don't tell it is a surprise!) For the squirrel I am using a pattern from Crochetville called Butters da' Squirrel. My version currently has a body, tail, and a head. Poor thing is still limbless. For the puppy I am using a pattern off of By Hook, By Hand. It is for the Cavalier King Charles puppy if I can manage the loop stitch this will be perfect! And for the fish (that really resembles Nemo but isn't Nemo) I haven't been able to find a pattern that I like so I may have to create my own.

I also found a pattern for a game to make for J. It is called Pass the Piggies and apparently it was/is a pretty popular game. The pattern includes the pigs, a carrying case and how to score. Hope that he likes it! It looks like it should work up quickly, but it involves a lot of joining on the pigs and I HATE joining.

For my dad, who is a retired Navy chef, (hope he isn't peeking!) I am making a chef's hat as a practical joke for him to wear when he cooks at his girlfriend's house. I plan to embroider his nickname on it and possibly make an apron to go with it.

Still working on ideas for my mother and my sister, and her kids. So that is where I am at now. Better get my hook moving!



Amber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I know what you mean about being online to look for ideas! I am always looking for the girls.

The piggy game is really cute! Arya loves pigs and Jaiden loves penguins. I wish I knew how to crochet!

I just started a rag quilt for my nephew put of flannel. So far, it looks really cute! Good luck with thinking of ideas for your other family members! I'm in the same boat!

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