Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Musings

I can't believe there are only 10 days until Christmas!  The shopping is done, and the cards are mailed out, but the crafting is now in a race to see if the projects are going to be completed in time!

Be on the lookout this week for my second headband pattern.  It should be posted soon.

I had a few minutes this week to pick one of my favorite verses to turn into a scripture card.  This weeks verse is Matthew 6:21.  Most people may not connect this verse with Christmas, but I often do.  Christmas is about celebrating family love, as well as the greatest love.  It is about remembering what love is...being willing to sacrifice self for others.  If we remember to put love first, then our treasures truly will be where our heart is.  We won't focus on the material treasures that surround us in this world.  Having the newest gadget or 500 cable channels, or the best house, or the fanciest decorations, or the most lights, or buying the best gift won't be nearly as important as our real treasures - family that loves us, a God that cared enough to send his Son.

I was reading an article that talked about God's gift to us.  It said that most of us love to celebrate Christmas.  We love the image of the Christ child as a babe in the manger - sweet, helpless, and innocent.  However, if the Christmas story ended there it really wouldn't be an image of love would it?  God knew when he sent his Son that He would have to sacrifice His life for us.  Did Jesus want to die?  I don't think so.  He prayed in Gethsemane for God to take this cup from Him, to allow Him to live if there was any other way.  There wasn't.  God loved us so much that He sacrificed Himself for us.  We are his heart.  We are His treasure.  Yet we continue to ignore Jesus two requests,  love Him and love others.  If we do those two simple things, everything else seems to be less important.

So this Christmas season ask yourself, "Where is my heart?  Where are my treasures?"  I pray that your heart is first and foremost with God, and that you are blessed with many treasures through Him.

as always, feel free to click here to download a better quality image suitable for printing



Amber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I hope you can get the gifts finished on time!! I have been sewing like a fiend for a week now. I feel like I am in the old movie, Gulag with David Keith, where they have to sew the gloves. They are in a Russian prision and forced to sew gloves or face the punishment. I think I'll be able to be finished by Christmas, I hope anyway!

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