Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 15 - Snowflake Saturday

This weeks snowflake, and probably the next several weeks since I really like these patterns, comes from the files of Sally George.  Unfortunately the original website is no longer active, however the patterns have been archived.  This week we are doing Snowflake #2, which is a bit more difficult than many of the previous patterns.  I had to frog several times on the last round before I finally got it worked out.  However, don't let that discourage you, I was also working with baby A climbing in and out of my lap repeatedly, many interruptions for apples (Sesame Street was on and apples were prevalent in the episode.  Every time she saw an apple on the show she wanted a piece of apple all her own.), numerous ventures into the kitchen to see what baby A was exploring this time (she has also learned to use my husbands hard sided lunch box as a stepping stool), before she finally relented and succumbed to the sandman and I was free to work in peace.  So this may not be as difficult as it seemed to be at the time.  If you give it a try, please post what you think about the difficulty level!


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