Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 17 - Snowflake Saturday

This week is kind of interesting in that the pattern I have chosen is a knock off of another pattern (don't worry, the link to the original pattern is posted on her sight).  The smaller of my snowflakes is following the knock off pattern.  However, the knock off pattern is written in UK terms.  Basically this means for us U.S. crocheters that if you see "dc" work a sc.  It really isn't that difficult to convert, and she includes LOTS of pictures.  (Personally I find that many pics distracting, but for a beginner it is probably a really good thing to have pics of every stage to compare to)

When I finished it, I started thinking about what it would look like if I followed the pattern as written using U.S. stitches rather than UK stitches.  In other words, what if I work a dc where it says dc?  I had to make one simple adjustment in that the beginning ch of each round had to be adjusted to a ch 2 in round 1&2, for round 3 ONLY in the first chain loop did I make a change.  The first dc I worked a ch 2 and followed the instructions for the remaining round.  The snowflake worked out larger and airer.

Also, for both I used size 10 cotton and a size 6 (1.80 mm) steel hook.  So here is the link to Attic24's Crochet Snowflake.



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