Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 8 - Ten Days of Turkey

Thanksgiving week is here!  At my house that means a week of not having to pack lunches, get up early, trek the kids to school or pick them up.  We get to hang out together, play together, watch movies together and just enjoy each other.  Hubby gets a 4 day weekend also.  Thanksgiving week also means that H's birthday is near (the 29th) so we have to start planning for that also. 

Today, I have no scripture card for you.  Before your face falls, let me explain.  I have been seeing a lot of definition pictures floating around on the web.  Like this one over at
or word art picture like this one over at Craftily Ever After
or this one also at Craftily Ever After

So in keeping with our Thanksgiving theme I created something similiar.  Here is my version of this art.  Of course I had to include scripture on it!
You are free to save this and use it, if you chose to share it please include a link back!  I would greatly appreciate it.  To save it click the picture to open a new screen then click it again to make it larger.  Then right click and save it.

I pray that you have a wonderfully blessed week and that your family remembers to give thanks to the One who makes everything possible!

Until next time,


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