Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Fear

Just wanted to share a project I created almost a year ago for a great youth pastor at church.  He had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemo treatments (Praise God he is currently undergoing his last intracath treatment as I type this and has no cancer cells in his body!)  I wanted to create something that let him know he wasn't alone and this came to mind.  Each of the letters is made up of Bible verses related to the thought that there was no reason to fear because God is with us. 

When I first came up with the idea I didn't realize how time consuming it would be to create this.  I am sure there hs to be an easier way out there but I am pleased with the results and he seemed to be too.  (Of course his version didn't have the Sunflowers at Home going across it!)

Until next time,


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