Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Features - headbands

I thought we would do things a little differently this week.  Rather than feature one designer, I thought I would feature a design type.  Since the weather here is warming up and today is the first day in about 10 days that it hasn't been rainy and overcast, I feel the need to pull my hair back and get out in the yard.  (Despite the fact that it is a clay, muddy mess!)  So this week the focus is on headbands!

Like this cutie from Cornflower Blue Studios called the Bow Headband.
(Image copyright Cornflower Blue Studios)
And keeping with the bow there is this one from Creative Yarn.  It is called the Headband with Bow 
(image copyright Creative Yarn)

I love this little crown/headband.  It would be perfect for Princess A's dress up box.  It is called the Wee Crown.  The pattern is in French I think, but if you scroll down it is also in English.
Wee crown
 image copyright DeeDeen Bird 

This one has beads, and rarely can you go wrong by adding beads!  It is called the V-Stitch Headband from Desperate Houselife.
image copyright Desperate Houselife

The final pattern this week is called the Linked Headband from  Crochet 'n CraftsIt calls for size 3 thread but I imagine you could use two strands of bedspread weight cotton held together or sports/baby yarn instead.

image copyright Crochet 'n Crafts

Hope you found something to inspire you to pick up your hooks.  There are lots more patterns out there but so many of them involve flowers and I am trying to save those for next months June Blooms series so you will have to find those on your own if that is what you are looking for!

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great collection of patterns! : )

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