Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Features

How many of you out there know about Ravelry and/or Crochetville?  If you haven't ever been to either then what are you waiting for?  Both offer tons of free patterns, but it doesn't stop there.  There are communities within the communities with lots of people willing to answer questions, direct you to patterns and in general just help out and hang with a fellow yarn crafter.  I have found myself (especially on Ravelry which features free projects and pictures!) getting lost on these sites.

So I have decided to put my project drooling time to use for you, my beloved readers.  Every Friday I am going to feature a few of the new patterns that I would just LOVE to work on, as well as a link to the patterns so that you can work on them too.  Hopefully you will find something to inspire you.

This week I am featuring projects from Larisa Glinchak's blog Розетка вяжет. Below are a few of her FREE patterns.  Fair warning, the site is in a foreign language (sorry, not my best subject, but I think it is Russian) but there is an awesome translate button on the right side of her blog that will translate it for you.

Isn't this little guy great! Now, the translation isn't great, but combine it will all of the beautiful pictures and you should be able to complete this little guy!

And then there is this cutie!

Her neck, arms and legs are wires so she is completely poseable!

Aren't these guys to cute!  I love all of the attention to detail: chubby cheeks, toe nails, the little smiles under the upturned trunks. 

And this little guy has so much personality.  I just want to pick him up and hug him. 

Until next time,


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