Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

Just wanted to share Princess A's new dress.  Last year I fashioned a dress for her made from 2 bandanas and some ribbon that everyone seemed to love, so of course I had to make one this year too.  To be honest though I had wanted to make her one of those adorable dresses with the shirred top out of the bandanas but after much some trail and error I scrapped the idea and fell back on this standby:
The back is bare with the second bandana beginning at her waist.  It is elastic so it can grow with her.  The ties are also very long on her neck so she has room to grow there also.  All in all it is pretty simple to whip up and she loves them.  I love that they are lightweight, inexpensive to make, and look cute. 

I am also working on a cute project from Natalie Larson called the  Two Summer Sundress.  To the best of my knowledge it is only available as a Ravelry download, so if you aren't a member what are you waiting for?  This one has a knit bodice and material skirt.  I have it finished and hope to post pics of it later this week.

So what are you working on?

Until next time,


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