Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Blooms Day 12

Today I have two patterns to offer you.  One is for a daisy motif but there are strings attached to the pattern.  Usually I wouldn't consider sharing a pattern that you had to give something to get something but I really think this gal is on to something.  Krochet Krystal designed this particular motif you can see below:
but she is doing something wonderful with it.  Visit her blog, click on the link for the pattern and join the yahoo group to download it.  All she asks in return is that you mail her one completed block.  She then assembles donated blocks into afghans and donates them to charitable organizations such as the Children's Hospital in NY, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and senior assistance centers.  Personally, I think it well worth my time just to make a block and donate it, especially when someone else is doing all of the joining!  The bonus is the cute pattern.  If you decide to do this, please let her know that Sunflowers at Home sent you.

But if that isn't your thing, then you can use this pattern instead which is totally free of charge.
It is called the Delightful Daisy and was designed by Melanie Stiles.  The site is no longer available but thanks to the work of Internet archivers you can find it here. 

Until next time,


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