Monday, June 27, 2011

June Blooms - Day 27

Well readers, I tried really hard to find a totally awesome plastic bag holder pattern.  I wanted to find one that was reminiscent of this one:

Did you see it?  Not the corn, not the strawberry or even the cute apple ones in the background.  Here let me point it out to you:
Isn't that just awesome?  I love the sunflowers on it and I know just where I would hang it in my kitchen.  I even looked to see some finished projects to make sure this wasn't one of those things that look great in the book but never turn out that awesome when a real person does it.  Guess what, they looked great too.  Problem is, this isn't a free pattern so I only get to share the front cover of the booklet with you.  I am heading to Ebay and Amazon to see if I can find a copy for me!

In the meantime, I did manage to find this pattern for you

I know, not as spectacular but still pretty.  It is called the Two color bag holder.  Even the name isn't spectacular.  I would probably make mine a single color though.  You can get the PDF by clicking here.  It is one of Bernat's free patterns.

Until next time,


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