Monday, February 13, 2012

Staying in the Peace

I have tried to write this post several times explaining why I have chosen this particular verse this week.  Each time it became a very long, and even more importantly, a very personal post.  Every time I ended up deleting it.  What I had thought was going to be a personal quest to find peace has just become a quest to find peace when things get turned upside down and the dreams you had for another are at best put on hold and at worst gone forever.  I don't feel comfortable saying more than that at this time because while the situation could have a HUGE impact on me and my household, it isn't my story to tell. 

After finding that out yesterday I was amazed at how I was able to maintain peace.  Am I upset?  Yes.  Disappointed? Definately.  But what is done is done and rather than dwell on it, I am chosing to give the situation to God and move forward.  This weeks verse reminds me that peace is not something that I can get on my own.  It is a gift that I recieve when I chose to surrender.  This world is full of things that are not peaceful and I can chose to live in the world or to live in the one who has overcome!

So despite the news from yesterday, despite having my 3 year old spew all over herself, the store and me today while grocery shopping (she wasn't sick when we left the house I promise!) and despite everything else the world continues to throw at me, I am taking heart and staying in the peace!

Until next time,


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