Monday, April 9, 2012

Lent Week 8

Looking back, 40 hats were a lot more work than I had though they would be, or at least trying to make 40 different hats was.  I think I only made 2 duplicates.  While there are many free patterns out there I tried to only chose patterns that I would make for my own babies to wear.  Some turned out really nice and I absolutely loved them.  Others, well not so much.

One thing this accomplished is it rekindled my desire to create for others again.  I really enjoy having small projects to keep my occupied during the evenings and the satisfaction of completing something (unlike the knit afghan I have been making for princess A for 6 months now because it is such a large, monotonous project!).  I doubt I will continue with the one a day streak, but I will continue to create for the babies.

That being said, here are the last of my Lent hats.  I pray they bless the babies that will wear them.

Hat 1 is the Rib Knit Baby Hat again by Jennifer Sauselein.

Hat 2 is the hat from the Newborn Sweater Set by Debbie Smith

Hat 3 is the Basic Beanie by Busy Mom Designs.

Hat 4 is  Bev's Easy Round Baby Hat created by Beverly A. Qualheim

Hat 5 is Joanne's Preemie Hat by  Joanne Di Lucca Schlub

Hat 6 (the last of the Lent hats in 2012) is Bev's Knit One Save One Hat also by Beverly A. Qualheim. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing the projects I made during this reflective time.  To be honest I wish I had been as diligent with my study as I have been with the hats.

Until next time,


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