Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunflowers on the Needles

I started an afghan for Princess A LOOONNNGGG before Lent and it somehow got moved to the back of my crafting list.  I am not big on big projects.  Give me something I can finish in a day or two and I am a happy camper.  However, I really wanted to make the princess her very own blankie.  She got a very open weave crochet blankie when she was born and she likes it, but it really doesn't match her room.  (Guess what her room is done in)  So I stumbled across this Sunflower dishcloth pattern

It's the Sunflower Too by Lisa Millan.  So I bought the pattern and decided to use it to make a quilt block like pattern.  I want the finished afghan to be toddler bed sized so I decided to make it 5 blocks across and 6 or 7 blocks tall.  I am alternating the sunflower "blocks" with empty blocks to create a checkerboard pattern.  To date I have 1 1/2 rows of blocks done.  Hoping I won't run out of yarn but it looks like I will.  Unfortunately the Simply Soft Country Peach colorway isn't available locally so I am gonna have to scour the web to find some that doesn't cost an arm or a leg.  Here is a peak at the afghan:

I also complete the Shell Sleep Sack and Cap designed by Suzetta Williams.  This is going to God's Tiny Angels.  
I am trying to find a free, cute, preemie sleep sack to donate also.  Any links you could share would be GREATLY appreciated.  In the meantime, my stash is dwindling and my donation box is filling.  What's on your hook or needle?

Until next time,


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