Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Christmas in July - day 18

and no, you didn't miss anything over the last 15 days.  There wasn't a post.  (see here to find out why)  but we are back and today's ornaments are totally awesome!

First up is Mr. Claus:

and this is the Toy Soldier:

Both are created using size 10 thread and as always the patterns are available online for free.  These do require you to sign up for a free membership but no credit card is required. 

I have created a "junk" email account that I use anytime I sign up for places like this to prevent myself from being inundated with junk email.  I also never give out my real mailing address unless I want to get mail from them.  I have used this particular site for patterns for years and have never had any problems with them.  That being said, I recommend you use your best judgement as to how much information you chose to share over the internet. 

Should you chose not to join this site, you can still find these patterns in Annie's Attic #874811, Crochet Ornament Toppers which is often listed on Ebay.

Until next time,


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