Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Let me apologize for only having posted 3 Christmas in July posts so far, and here it is the 11th.  I promise I have good reason though!

On June 29th a MAJOR storm came through my state. Here is how my power company described the storm:

  Friday night's storm was part of a massive straight line wind storm that traveled close to 700 miles in 10 hours, devastating 10 states and leaving more than 4.3 million customers without electric service throughout the United States. Company and state officials are characterizing the storm as similar to or even greater than a hurricane, but without advance warning. The storm produced winds in excess of 75 miles-per-hour and heavy rain across a large portion of Appalachian Power's service territory.

We had over 300,000 families without power, including us.  We were without power for six days and without phone or internet for 10.  The posts that you saw had been scheduled before the power outage occurred.  Even with the internet back on, it still flickers in and out as work continues to remove downed trees from the lines.

It appears that my services are mostly stable as of now, and I plan to continue posting Christmas patterns from across the web this month.  However, I can not promise that there will be daily posts as there were with the flowers series.  I hope you can understand.

If you pray, please pray for those that still are without power.  As of this moment there are still almost 8,000 families in my state without power.  Many of those had power restored only to have one of the four storms that have come through since the 29th take it out again.  While the situation is not as difficult as it had been (gas is available for generators, we are not experiencing record high temperatures this week, grocery stores are open and have perishable foods available) it is still an uncomfortable position to be in.  

a wind damaged electric tower in the Wheeling area


Until next time,


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