Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tea Time

Recently Princess and I were playing "neighbor" (which is pretty much what it sounds like, we pretend to be neighbors) and having a tea party when she asked why we don't have real tea parties. Hmmmm...... I couldn't really answer that. So I decided we would start having real tea. But being more of the commoner than the high born tea crowd I had to do some research. What do you serve at a tea party? Did you know that there are two types of tea? There is "low" tea and "high" tea. Usually when we think of tea we are thinking of low tea which includes the sweets like crumpets and jam or lightly sweetened scones. High tea includes meat treats. We were having low tea! Again, being very tea uneducated I had to research what crumpets and scones were. I was a tad disappointed to discover that crumpets are very similar to english muffins. I like my english muffins but I wanted something special for tea time, so I checked out some scones. Scones are basically sweetened biscuits. That sounded more like what I wanted for our cup of tea! My first batch was just a simple raisin scone. It was okay and we were all pleased by it but not really wowed which surprised me given that it was from our Good Eats chef Alton Brown.

You can find this recipe here.

So when we finished those up I went searching for another and I think we have found it.  It has apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and they are yummy yummy yummy!  Here is that batch:

My 15 year old son have even decided to join us for low tea just so he can eat some of these!  The good news with that is that we are having Bible study during low tea too!  He is one of those guys who has all the head knowledge but hasn't surrendered yet so this will allow us to talk a little more about God and who He is.  Woohoo!  And if you are interested in this recipe you can find it over on Simply Scratch by clicking here.

But I have to run's tea time!

Until next time,


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