Friday, March 28, 2014

Princess Crown

Almost 2 years ago I created this cute little tiara designed by Sarah of Sarah Sweethearts as a last minute gift for my princess when she turned 4.

This year, when a family friend's daughter had her princess birthday party, I knew just what to make!  I love that it works with any headband, allowing me to pick one that doesn't SQUEEZE the head to tightly.  I also like that it is flexible.  My princess has a habit of being a bit rough on her tiaras and they inevitably end up in pieces.  Short of taking scissors to this one or pulling it off of the headband, this one lasts for a LONG time.  Using size 3 thread gives it just the right amount of stiffness.  I decided to give this tiara a little glitter by adding Enchant Yarn in King's Crown.

The best takes less than 30 minutes to create!  You can get the pattern from Sarah's Ravelry store here.

Until next time,


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