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Week 7 - Snowflake Saturday

Being the day before Valentines day, I went searching for a snowflake with a heart.  It was a lot harder for me to find than I thought it would be.  Perhaps I should work on one for next year?  So I leave you with the only one I came across, from Snowcatcher again - Be Still My Heart. I like how the open sections look like hearts!


Last minute valentines

I was really good this year about buying valentines for the kids to fill out and hand out to their friends, but I haven't yet bought or made anything for them!!  So now I am scrambling for some quick last minute things that I can make for them to go with their traditional box of chocolates.  Thought I would share them with you

a cute paperclip crochet heart bookmark

polymer clay heart beads that you can string onto a necklace

my own heart crochet bookmark

a Valentine centerpiece

and this one is a bit late to make this year but I REALLY want to make one for next year!  Might make a couple to use on the church doors.  A fabric rose heart wreath


I know, I know, I haven't been posting like I should.  I have missed some Snowflake Saturday posts and I really haven't been posting at all lately.  We were having some crisis situations with my oldest, K, and a lot of my attention was focused on that.  I really don't know how I am going to survive the teen years times 4!  The situation with K is more complicated in that her birth father, who has been absent most of her life, has recently decided that he wants to get to know her.

Problem is that I am dealing with some bitterness issues over that.  For me he took the easy way out and went and lived his life, usually not paying even the small amount of court ordered child support.  He unfortunately abused drugs during that time as well.  In the meantime, my husband stepped up when K was only 6 months old and took on the role of father for her.  We were married when she was 18 months old and he has been there for her through everything.  While I don't want to keep the bir…