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A Proverbs 31 Woman - Week 5

Honesty time.  This weeks verses had me stumped and required some research on my part.  I got the first verse of the week:

       She sees that her trading is profitable,
       and her lamp does not go out at night.
This  is a woman that ensures that she doesn't get the short end of the stick.  This woman works hard for what she has, has earned the trust and respect of her husband and family, has demonstrated that she can make good financial decisions, and this verse tells us that she takes the time to ensure that her efforts are profitable.  Not only that, but she doesn't quit.  This woman gets up before anyone else in the house, ensures that everyone is fed and taken care of, works vigorously throughout the day, and then makes sure that the lamp doesn't go out at night.  To me that means that she makes sure that the home is taken care of, is made safe (the light deters burglars maybe), and perhaps the light does not go out because she tends to it.  This proverbs woman …

Week 14 - Snowflake Saturday

This weeks snowflake is one I stumbled across on accident.  As with most things, I made a few changes,
First of all, the pattern doesn't give you a beginning chain, I followed the suggestion of one of the commenters and used a chain of 16 and slip stitched to for a ring.  I used size 30 thread.  It wasn't on purpose but the size 10 was buried at the bottom of the yarn basket so i grabbed what was on top.  My final adjustment was on round 4 where it says " ch 3, in next ch-7 lp work sc, ch 3, sc, ch 5, sc, ch 3, and sc; ch 3**"  I replaced that with:
ch 3, skip next 3 dc, sc in first chain of the ch 7, ch 3, skip next chain, sc in 3rd chain of the ch 7, ch 5, sc in 5th ch of the ch 7, ch 3, sc in 7th chain of the ch 7, ch 3**

It gives you the same look but prevents the stitches from shifting on the ch 7 and keeps them evenly spaced.  For me it makes it easier to block this way.  Hope you enjoy it!  Here is the original pattern from Better Homes and Gardens, it is simp…