Friday, June 12, 2009

Five Freebies Friday

Hi all! I pray that everyone has had a wonderful week. It has been great here. Baby A has let me sleep in until 8:30 most mornings. I was able to spend some time crafting, updating the church website, and playing with the children. My husband has been home almost every evening before 5 pm this week which means we were able to spend some time together also.

I had intended to post a new craft this week. I want to put the directions in PDF format so that I can get used to it. It is my hope to eventually sell some of my patterns on ETSY and that seems to be the preferred format. I wrote the post, but when I started putting the PDF together I got sidetracked and never got it completed. Perhaps I can work on it this weekend and get it up for everyone next week. It will be a freebie. Here is a sneak peak:

I named him "Honey Heart". At our house he tends to hide, holding notes for the love of my life to find before he goes to work in the mornings. So far Honey has deliverd two messages. For one he was hanging from the knob of my bathroom cabinet by one arm and was holding the note in the other. Honey Heart will be a freebie pattern and is very easy to complete and works up fast also.

So, on to this weeks 5 freebies. Freebies have been rather slim lately. However, here is what I was able to dig up for you:

Free GeoTrax DVD- Fisher price has a new line of preschool toys called GeoTrax, a train track building toy. Some of the kits come with a free DVD. But if you click the link you can visit a site and watch the videos online or you can order the DVD for free (including free shipping).

Free NicWax or SkitoStop - Okay, at first I wasn't sure about this one. You have to answer 4 questions correctly in order to recieve one of these offers. (Either a leather waterproofing wax or an after sun insect repellant) You can try as many times as you want until you get all the answers correct. Oh, and you have to register with them. Seems like a lot of work for a freebie, but if you want it - you can have it.

Family Records Organizer - This one is from T. Rowe Price and is a CD that allows you to organize and store your family records either on your computer, or you can print them out. The website says it is useful for esate planning.

Sundiwear Stickers - These are not your normal stickers! Put one on your child when you apply sunscreen and send them outside. When the sticker turns red it tells them and you that it is time to reapply sunscreen. I thought this was great and ordered a set for us and if it works like they say I may actually buy some!

Lowe's build and grow clinic - show up or click the link to register online and your child can build (for FREE) a putting green for dad for Father's Day. (Next month they build a pirate ship!) I haven't taken my children to the Lowe's workshops, but they love the workshops at Home Depot!

So that is this weeks 5 freebies. Just in time for me to throw on some clothes and get the kids out the door to a dentist appointment. I love that I was able to schedule 3 of them on the same day, but that makes for a long time to entertain baby A in a doctors office! This will be interesting. Have a great weekend!


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